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Craftsmanship, quality and product customization are the main strengths of our brand.

AUGUSTA is an Italian family-business which combines the strength of tradition with a rousing and innovative graphic design,

which represents the distinctive feature of the brand. “Do not conform, be different, stand out from the crowd”.

We specialize in the production of handmade bicycle saddles, using high quality materials.

By the adoption of the techniques passed down from the master craftsmen we make our products customizable according to your taste and needs.

Why choose Augusta?

Because of its outstanding product features

Craftmanship and Italian tradition

A traditional art passed down from father to son. A set of manual techniques, ingenuity and creativity hardly replaceable by any machine. Our saddles are the result of the artisan work and are made with care and meticulousness, following the rules of our masters. Fine craftsmanship is the Italian trademark, which makes us different from any other country in the world.

High Quality

The durability of a good product goes hand in hand with the quality of its materials. Knowing this, we only use real leather, 100% made in Italy, characterized by high resistance and strict hygiene standards.We have some precise requirements in terms of quality and performance when producing our items: water-repellency and fire resistance, eye-catching appearance and pleasant sensation to the touch, absence of toxic or harmful chemicals.

As You want me

We give you the opportunity to make our saddles customizable.
Each customer will have a unique product. View our configurator and discover all the arrangement options that we offer: images, writing, colours and much more. Design and adjust the Augusta saddle according to your needs and to your personal taste.


Configuration possibilities

Comfort o Racing?

Do you prefer a slightly softer saddle or a harder one? In both cases, our saddles are designed to allow people to spend many hours riding a bike, guaranteeing support and lightness.
The padding, made of expanded polyurethane, can absorb remarkable shocks. The thicker part (8mm) is the area that sustains most of the cyclist's weight. Moreover, the structure contains a high percentage of carbon, thus improving cycling performance and power distribution.

Full or Cutaway saddle?

Anti-prostate saddles (with a central groove) are usually suitable for cyclists who charge much weight on the saddle or who suffer from pathologies related to the genital apparatus.
For cyclists with a light constitution it could be useful but not indispensable.
From our configurer you can select the structure that best satisfies your needs.

Rail: Stainless Steel or Carbon Fiber?

A rail made of stainless steel is long-lasting and characterised by a remarkable resistance to corrosion, especially with humid air and water and it requires little maintenance.

A rail made of carbon fiber distinguishes itself from the steel one for its low density and little weight. High resistance, high elasticity and absorption of vibrations.

Available Colors

True leather 100% made in Italy!
High quality and outstanding performances.
What colour suits your bike?
View our configurator and discover all the setting options that we offer.

Signature or sentence

Make your saddle unique by inserting your name or your favourite quotation.
You can choose between two different fonts and among 4 colours!

Graphic Design

We combine the power of craftsmanship tradition and the effectiveness of innovative graphic design, which can be conceptual, minimal, elegant and eye-catching. A style intended to be the asset that makes us distinguish ourselves from the other brands: do not conform, be different, stand out of the mass. View our configurator, create your saddle and select the design that you prefer. Follow us on the social networks, stay tuned, many new ideas are coming!